Sunday, 15 June 2008

Galaxium Messenger 0.7

For those who don't know Galaxium, it's an instant messaging application designed for Gnome, written using the wonderful Mono framework.

(more screenshots: here)

Galaxium is already a couple of years old (the project originated in 2003), 5 years and 2 complete rewrites later, we finally have an application that we can be proud of.

The current release (0.7) already offers many nice features ...
That's not all folks ... :) Galaxium also has several in-progress features that you will hear about in the future, like MSN webcam support, direct (full-speed) file transfers, full support for IRC and Jabber and basic GaduGadu and Aim support

So please give it a try using the source tarball or one of our repositories and report any issue you might encounter


Scott said...

Great move supporting webcam/audio. This is basic functionality that seems to be
lacking in more or less all free/open source clients. If you can get this complete I
think this messenger client will take off big time.

Hells_Dark said...

Keep the good job !

nene said...

can use the ubuntu hardy's repositories in ibex?