Thursday, 16 August 2007

MonoDevelop Database Addin

This will be my first post on my new blog, and the first one that will appear on monologue, so ... hello :). I started submitting small monodevelop patches a couple of years ago and this year I was accepted into the summer of code to work on a database addin. A couple of months and 35000 lines of code later, it is time to show my work.

The new MonoDevelop.Database addin provides some interesting features that will hopefully shorten the development of your database applications:
  • Query databases from within monodevelop and browse through db objects
  • Create new databases
  • Create, drop and rename tables, views, procedures, triggers, constraints, ...
  • Alter stored procedures and views
  • Support for PostgreSQL, Sqlite, MySql and SqlServer
  • ...
In the future (meaning, mid september), support will be added for table alterations and I will investigate solutions for automatic database glue generation.

Some screenshots:

All the details and some more screenshots can be found on the wiki page.
(Sadly, due to an unfortunate timing of some school exams and a change in the monodevelop addin paths, the patch does not work with the current svn version, this will be fixed after my exams around August 27.)


zulu said...

this is great news!
can't wait to test it, keep up the great work!

Chorn Sokun said...

very impress, looking forward the final release.

Zachary said...

Very nice. Do you have any thoughts on how difficult it would be to add Firebird support?

Petrov said...

Absolutly amazing stuff ! Keep up.

Ben said...

firebird support is pretty straight forward, my plan is to also support firebird, db2, oracle and sybase in the future, but this was simply not possible during the available time

(also, I lack test databases, so if any of you have some database schemes that I can use to test with .. please let me know)

Paulo said...

Sorry, how can I enable this. I compile as you say and where is the Addin?

Asava Samuel said...


Here is another database that is compatible with Mono: